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GREAT NEWS - We got the funding!!!

From the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities:-

We’re delighted to tell you that your application for funding was successful, and to approve in principle the award of a COF grant of £180,000 capital funding and £19740 revenue funding to the Old Horn Community Pub to help save your treasured community asset and support the ambitions of your community”

This is fantastic news for us. Along with the £180,000 raised in our Community Share offer we have now achieved the £360,000 needed to purchase and refurbish the Old Horn Inn. Additionally, we have £19740 in revenue grant funding to cover legal fees, insurance, structural survey, accountancy fees etc.

Everything we asked for!

We will be meeting with the COF team over the next week or so to finalise the grant agreement and we will keep you informed with further updates.

We still have a way to go to get our pub back up and running and we will need many volunteers to get involved in making the Old Horn Inn a real welcoming community hub

For now though, a huge thank you from the OHCPS committee to all our investors, and supporters from all over the country.

We are another huge step along the road to bringing the Old Horn Inn into community ownership.

This is a fantastic achievement and shows just what can be achieved when a community joins together in a common cause.

Thank you all for your support.

Best wishes

Old Horn Community Pub Society Management Committee


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