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Pop Up Pub

Just a quick update on how things are progressing with the Old Horn Community Pub group. As you can imagine It has been a whirlwind week or so since the good news finally dropped, after the initial excitement, and if were honest a bit of shock too!!

Things are moving along nicely in the background. We made the front page of the D&S on Friday. Our independent structural survey is booked in for late next week, and we are busy meeting prospective builders, suppliers etc and generally learning on our feet what we need to do to bring this all together.

This is where the Community part of the project really needs to come to fruition. The workload up to now has not been small, the task ahead however is quite daunting.

We have come up with idea of a Pop up Pub type meeting. A brief presentation, and a few hours of conversation and a few cold drinks. Rather than us talking for an hour, its time to listen. We want to know more about what you want from your pub?, who you know that may be able to help? whether you can help and what skills you may have?

So please do join us for a few hours of conversation and to start building some real community spirit.

The evening will primarily be a Bring your Own drinks event, however the guys from Wensleydale Brewery will be sending us a cask of ale to enjoy and maybe even a guest appearance form Miles or Carl to make sure its up to scratch.

In the meanwhile we are keen to speak to any contacts you may have that can assist. So have a think and bring along some names and numbers we will likely need the following

General Builders



Bar fitters

Interior designers

Graphic designers




And many more

Many Thanks as always

The Old Horn Community Pub Group


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