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Press Release from The Old Horn Community Pub Society Ltd

Residents of Spennithorne, Harmby, and surrounding areas have until 24 January to take advantage of the chance to buy shares in an historic village pub.

Campaigners are mounting a bid to buy The Old Horn in Spennithorne, to turn it into a community-owned pub and village amenity asset. The Old Horn Community Pub Society Ltd has invited people who wish to support the campaign to invest in shares in a limited-time share offer.

‘If we do not act now and purchase the pub as a community-owned entity, it may well be lost forever’, the Society warns in its share offer document.

‘However, this is not just about buying our local, it’s also about preserving the history and heritage of our villages and investing in the future of Spennithorne and Harmby and surrounding areas and its people, by creating a community pub – owned by the community and run for the benefit of the community.’

To buy and renovate the building will cost at least £360,000. The Society intends to apply for match funding through the government’s Community Ownership Fund, which means local people need to help raise around £180,000 themselves.

‘We need to raise this money in a timely manner to ensure that we can access the grant funding available and demonstrate to the pub’s current owner that we have the funds to proceed with the purchase.’

Anyone wishing to buy shares (the minimum commitment is for five hundred £1 shares) should contact OHCPS SHARE OFFER c/o Alan Cape, Howden Lodge, Spennithorne, DL8 5PR or OHCPS SHARE OFFER c/o Ann Gamble, Rivendell, Hillfoot, Harmby DL8 5PH. The share offer closes on 24 January.




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