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Update on Shares Available

With a week to go until the deadline we are in a good position. However we have yet to meet the minimum investment level set of £165,000. We have converted or discussed applications with all previous pledgers. Unfortunately not all pledgers have been able to commit whether fully or in part, with understandable reasons.

We are hugely grateful for all applications and monies transferred so far. These continue to be held securely in the Old Horn Community Benefit Society Accounts. We have attracted a large number of new investors also which have replaced some of this lost revenue.

That's said we still need significant contributions to get us to the minimum by next week,

We have applications and funds totalling £151000, leaving £14000 to reach the minimum,and then a further £15,000 to reach the maximum. Should we reach the minimum (£165,000) we will extend the offer to hopefully achieve the Maximum (£180,000)

We also still await news from Community Ownership Fund on our matched funding decision.

We are only going to get one chance to save this important and historic local amenity so please do speak to people you think may want to help, may not be aware of the campaign, or may be able to dig a little deeper.

Many Thanks in Advance

Richard, Alan, Andy, Garry and the whole Old Horn Community Benefit Society Team

This is so close to reality now, You don't know what you've got til its gone


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